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Q: Why the game is not loading?

A: First, you please make sure you have the latest Flash player. If not download latest flash player from here.

Secondly, we recommend you to use Google Chrome to play our games, please try using it.

Third, game loading time may vary depends upon your network connection.

Q: When will you release a new game?

A: We plan to release new escape game everyday except weekends. Though we have a work schedule we can’t always  predict the time. But we will release new escape game approximately 2:00 PM IST.

Q: Why you are not making longer escape games?

A: Creating long games takes long time. Since we have to publish 20+ games a month we can’t always afford the  development of a long game. We will try to develop longer games in future.

Q: Can’t you make your games harder?

A: Yes we can make. But we believe most of you will not sit for 30 minutes in front of the monitor trying to solve a puzzle.  So, we develop both easy and medium difficulty games. Also, we don’t think most of you will sit with a paper and pen to  write clues. We get comments on most of our games from player saying games are too hard, meaning if we’ll make games  even harder some of our players won’t be able to solve them.

Q: I did not like a certain game of yours!

A: We’re sorry to hear that you didn’t like some game very much. We do all kind of different designs, lengths and styles of  games, and it’s hard to satisfy everyone all the time. We hope that you will enjoy our future games more 🙂

Q: What should I do if I stuck in one of your games?

A: You can find walkthroughs to all our games at our YouTube channel

Q: Can you put my name in a game?

A: Yes we can use your names for a character and signs in the game.

submit your name at with proper subject.

Q: Is it possible to play your games on mobile devices?

A: Yes. You can play our games by downloading it from Google play store "HERE"

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